ID Referance table for Website Ålesund Armatur AS 00-00-000
The Norweigian company Ålesund Armatur AS was founded in 1992 with major intention as an trading firm/whole sellers, stocking the most common items for the landbased and ship industry and our product range are therefore wide, and spreads out from tubes in unequal  alloys to manual and remote-controlled valves in a wide range
Ålesund Armatur AS has its operations in Ålesund, on the west coast of Norway and the company employs today 6 people.
Our customers today are the ship and landbased industry in our country, but our supplyes however, spreads out also in europe as well as world wide.
Our main purpose are to project as an efficient and highly service-minded supplyer to our customers.
With singleness of purpose we therefore with high intensity all the time searching for the very best supplyers for products to supplying and complete our stock and delivery program.The company Ålesund Armatur AS, therefore project itselfs today as an company with an very hight grade of service, technology and an efficient  supplyer against the industry.

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00-000-000 ID Referansetabell for Webområdet Index ref table for Web-site
00-000-001 Hvordan bruke webområdet effektivt How to use Website
00-000-002 Søkeside SearchPage
00-000-003 Spesialproduserte produkter. Special products
00-000-004 Ord & Utrykk -
00-000-005 Tilbakemelding Feedback
00-000-006 Guestbook Feedback
00-000-007 Viktig informasjon Importante Info
00-000-008 Oversikt Diverse produkter  View different products
00-000-009 Kontaktsiden  Contact Information
00-000-010 Foreign Visitors Info Info Foreign visitors
00-000-011 Small Company Profile Small Company Profile
00-000-012 Registreingskjema bruker Stock program
00-000-013 Vårt Lager  Stock
00-000-014 Alfabetisk register Webområdet  
00-000-015 Diverse nyttig -
00-000-016 Kart 1 Map 1
00-000-017 Kart 2 Map 2
00-000-018 Product Range in stock Product range in stock
00-000-019 Lager-rydding -
00-000-020 Jobbe i Ålesund Armatur AS -
00-000-021 Menu Choice -
00-000-022 Myrlandsvei 60 Myrlandsvei 60
00-000-023 Myrlandsvei 60 Kjørerute Myrlandsvei 60
00-000-024 Info Summervacation Myrlandsvei 60
00-000-025 Contact Info vacation Myrlandsvei 60
00-000-026 Info Christmas Vacation Myrlandsvei 60
01-000-001 Stålrør og deler  Steelpipe and Buttweld
01-003-000 Stålrør Steelpipe
01-004-001 Gjengede stålrør Threaded Steelpipes
01-005-001 Stålrør Sømløse , Normalvegg, Tykkvegg Seamless Steelpipe
01-013-001 Sveiste eksosrør og eksosbend  Welded Steelpipe/Elbows
01-017-001 Kobberrør og deler Copper tubes
01-025-000 Sveisedeler Stål  Butt weld 
01-026-001 Stålbend  Carbon Steel Elbows
01-034-001 Ståloverganger  Carbon Steel Reducers
01-040-001 Stål t-Rør Carbon Steel T-piece
01-046-001 Stålflenser Steel flanges
01-044-001 Endebunner Dished ends
01-044-002 Endebunn kløpperform End Caps Kløpperform
01-044-003 Endebunn Korbogen End Caps Korbogen
01-046-000 Stålflenser Steelflanges
01-048-001 Sveiseflens m/krage DIN2631 PN6 Welding flange DIN2631
01-049-001 Sveiseflens m/krage DIN2632 PN10 Welding flange Din2632
01-050-001 Sveiseflens m/krage DIN2633 PN16 Welding Flange DIN2633
01-051-001 Sveiseflens m/krage DIN2634 PN25 Welding Flange DIN2634
01-052-001 Sveiseflens m/krage DIN2635 PN40 Welding Flange DIN2635
01-053-001 Sveiseflens m/krage DIN2636 PN64 Welding Flange DIN2636
01-054-001 Sveiseflens m/krage DIN2637 PN100 Welding Flange DIN2637
01-057-001 Plan Sveiseflens NS2525 PN6 Welding Flange NS2525
01-057-002 Plan Sveiseflens NS2526 PN10 Welding Flange NS2525
01-057-003 Plan Sveiseflenser NS2527 PN16 Welding Flange NS2527
01-057-004 Plan Sveiseflenser NS2529 PN40 Welding Flange NS2529
01-057-005 Blindflens NS2545 PN10 Blind Flange NS2545
01-057-006 BLindflens NS2546 PN16 Blind Flange NS2546
01-057-007 Blindflens NS2547 PN40 Blind Flange NS2547
01-058-001 Eksosflenser DIN 86044 Slip on Flanges DIN86044
01-063-001 Skottflens Enkel NS2537 PN10 Bulkhead flange NS2537
01-063-002 Skottflens Enkel NS2538 PN16 Bulkhead flange NS2538
01-064-001 Skottflens Dobbel NS2539 PN10 Bulkhead Flange NS2539
01-064-002 Skottflens Dobbel NS2540 PN16 Bulkhead Flange NS2540
01-064-003 Skottflens Dobbel NS2542 PN40 Bulkhead Flange NS2540
01-069-001 Galvniserte Løsflenser DIN2642 PN10 Loose flange DIN2641
01-070-001 ANSI Stålflenser ANSI Steel flanges
01-071-001 JIS Stålflenser JIS Steelflanges
01-072-001 MFAS Flenser  MFAS Flanges
01-076-000 Gjengerørdeler og Loddefittings Threaded pipe fittings
01-076-001 Aduser rørdeler gjenget malleable cast iron pipe fittings
01-077-001 Aduser rørdeler gjenget Deler  malleable fittings
01-091-001 Kapilar loddedeler i Cu & Overgangsdeler i RG5 soldering fitting copper
01-087-001 Stål gjengedeler (Damp) Steel screwed fittings
01-097-000 Klemringsfitting Conex Conex compression tube fitting
01-098-000 Klemringsfitting Conex deler  Conex compression tube fitting
01-105-000 Syrefaste rør og deler  Stainless steel Pipes and Ass.
01-105-001 Syrefaste sveisedeler Stainless steel for welding
01-105-002 Syrefast gjengedeler Stainless screwed fittings
01-105-003 Legeringstilegg Syrefast/Rustfritt Alloy for stainless steel
01-105-004 Syrefast Trykktabell  Stainless Pressure table
01-105-005 Syrefaste gjengeflens -Stainless Steel parts
01-105-006 Syrefaste T-piece -Stainless Steel parts
01-117-001 Alum/Mess.CuZn20Al2  og CuNiFe 90/10 Yolcarbro and CuNiFe
01-118-001 CuNiFe 90/10 Rør CuNiFe 90/10 Tubes
01-119-001 CuNiFe 90/10 Bend  CuNi 90/10 Elbows
01-121-001 CuNiFe 90/10 Reduksjoner CuNi 90/10 Reducers
01-123-001 CuNiFe 90/10 Saddler CuNi 90/10 Saddels
01-125-001 CuNiFe 90/10 Sveisemuffer CuNi 90/10 Sockets
01-127-000 Industriklammer    klammer festeklammer Fasteners, hangers
01-127-001 Industriklammer    klammer festeklammer Fasteners, hangers
01-127-002 Industriklammer NS5550 Fasteners
01-127-003 Industriklammer NS5550 -Heavy duty pipe clamps
01-128-001 Industriklammer NS5553 Pipe Hangers
01-128-002 Industriklammer NS5553 Pipe Hangers
01-129-001 Sav Dekk og skottgjennomføring NS 6039 SAV Deck and bulk head pipe sleeve
01-129-002 BottomPlug NS2573 Bottom plug NS2573
01-130-001 Dekksforskruning -
01-131-001 Fyllekappe DIN 86121 Sounding cap DIN 86121
01-132-001 Flensbeskytter Flanges protection
01-133-001 Fire safe Bulkheads /penetration Bulkhead Fire safe
01-134-001 Hydraulic pipes Clamps Clamps for Hydraulic pipes
01-141-001 Syrefast & Rustfritt Meierideler Food Industry
01-150-001 Messing rørdeler gjenget BSP  
01-160-001 Slangeklemmer Hose clamps
01-165-001 Klemringsfittings Messing Compression fittings Brass
01-175-000 Klemringsfittings Stål Compression fittings Steel
02-000-000 Oversikt diverse ventiler  Summary valves
02-000-001 Ventiler  Valves
02-000-002 Tekst til ventiler  Text valves
02-000-003 Lufte, Peile og drensventiler  Sounding Cocks & Drain Valves
02-000-020 How to measure a Globevalve Measure a Globevalve
02-000-021 Butterflyvalve general Arrangement layout Buttefly valve general layout
02-002-001 Flensede Stenge seteventiler  Closable Globe valves
02-003-000 Stenge seteventiler  Closable Globe valves
02-004-001 Rettløp Stengeventiler flenset  Straight form Screw down Closing valve
02-005-001 Vinkel stengeventil Flenset  Angel form Screw down Closing valve
02-005-002 Rettløp stengeventil Flenset AISI316 Straight  form Screw down Closing valve AISI316
02-006-001 Rettløp stengeventil AISI316 gjenget PN16 Straight form screwed valve
02-008-001 Stenge Seteventil RG5 Fig. 456322 Closable Globe Valve Bronze
02-009-001 Sluseventil gjenget AISI316 PN16 Gate Valve Threaded  Fig.456022/456122
02-010-001 Stenge seteventil RG5 Fig. 456022 Screw down Globe Valve RG5
02-010-002 Stenge seteventil RG5 Fig. 456122 Screw down Globe Valve RG5
02-010-003 Stenge setventil PN30 RG5/PTFE Fig. 335023-T Globe Valve RG5 PN30
02-011-001 Stengeventil Fig. 108 PN160 Closing Valve 
02-011-002 Stengeventil Vinkel-løp Fig. 109 PN160 Closing Valve Angel
02-012-001 Stengeventil skråsete Syrefast fig. 466694 Angel seated globe valve Stainless
02-013-001 Vinkel Stengeventil  1/2"x1/4" Pn63 (Startluft)  Globe valve Angel form
02-015-001 Belgtettende stengeventil  Globe valve bellow
02-016-001 Vinkel seteventil RG5 Kort byggelengde 457522  Globe valve 457522
02-017-001 Kikventiler  Gland Cock
02-017-002 Kikventil støpejern Gland Cock Cast Iron
02-018-001 Kikventil RG5 Gland Cock Bronze RG5
02-019-001 Peilerørskraner  Sounding cock
02-020-000 Selvlukkeventiler SelfClosing Valves
02-020-001 Loddbelastet selvstengende Drensventil Fig.350 Self closing Drain Valve Fig.350
02-020-002 Loddbelastet selvstengende Drensventil Fig.350 Self closing Drain Valve Fig.350
02-021-001 Gjenge loddbelastet selvstenge setev.fig. 363 Self closing Globevalve fig.363
02-022-001 Dren og spyleventil 357692 Drain valve
02-023-001 Spyleventil 3140222 Drain Valve
02-023-002 Spyleventil 3140222 Drain Valve
02-024-001 Sluseventil Messing gjenget Gate valve Brass 
02-025-001 Self-closing valve 357321 Self-closing Valve 357321
02-025-002 Self-closing valve 357321 Self-closing Valve 357321
02-030-000 Stormklaffer Stormflap valves
02-030-001 Rettløp Stormklaff Straight form Stormflap
02-030-001 Stormklaff Rettløp Storm Flap Valve Straight form
02-031-001 Stormklaff Vinkelløp Storm Flap Valve Angel  form
02-032-000 Sluseventiler Industri GG25 Gate Valves Cast Iron
02-033-001 Sluseventiler Industri GGG-40.3 Gate Valves Nodular Cast Iron
02-033-002 Sluseventiler Industri GSC-25 Gate Valves Nodular Cast Steel
02-034-001 Sluseventil  HPR Gate Valve HPR
02-036-001 Sluseventil Myktettende Gate Valve Resilient Seated
02-037-001 Sluseventil Flenset RG5 Fig.400822 Gate Valve Flanged RG5 Fig.400822
02-038-002 Sluseventil Flenset 620762 Gate Valve Flanged Cast Steel
02-038-001 Sluseventil Flenset 620762-F4 (Short Body) Gate Valve Flanged Cast steel
02-039-001 Sluseventil Flenset CuNiFe Gate Valve Flanged CuNiFe
02-040-000 Kuleventiler  Ball Valves
02-040-001 Kuleventiler  Ball Valves
02-040-002 Kuleventiler  Ball Valves
02-040-003 Kuleventiler  Ball Valves
02-041-000 2-delte kuleventiler  2-piece Ball valve
02-041-001 Kuleventiler  Ball valves
02-042-001 Kuleventil 2-delt RG5   443024 Ball valves 2-piece Bronze
02-043-001 Kuleventil 2-Delt AISI316 PN64 Ball Valve AISI316 PN64
02-043-001 Kuleventil Mini fig. 10.10 Ball valve mini
02-046-000 Kuleventil gjenget 400 BAR Ball valve 400 Bar
02-047-001 3-veis kuleventil gjenget  3-way ball valve 
02-048-001 Kuleventil 2-Delt AISI316 PN210 Ball Valve AISI316 PN210
02-050-001 Kuleventil 2-delt AISI316 fig. 90  ND25-ND100 Ball valve AISI316 flanged
02-051-001 Kuleventil 2-delt AISI316 fig. 90  ND125,ND150 Ball valve AISI316 flanged
02-052-001 Kuleventil  Fig. OFSH, Forkrommet Messing Full Bore Ball valve Chrom Brass
02-052-002 Kuleventil  1/4" Ventilert Ball valve Ventilated
02-053-001 Kuleventil Flenset RG5 fig. 445122 Ball valve Flanged Bronze
02-054-001 Kuleventil Flenset Støpejern  fig. 445152 Ball valve Flanged Cast Iron
02-056-001 Kompakt kuleventiler Wafer & Lug Ball valve 
02-057-001 Kuleventil AISI316 fig. 88 Ball valve AISI316 welding ends
02-058-001 Kuleventil AISI316 fig. 446192 Ball valve AISI316 Compact
02-060-001 3-veis kuleventil Flenset 3-way ballvalve flanged
02-062-001 Kuleventiler m/aktuator  Ball valve w/actuator
02-062-002 3-veis kuleventiler Flenset m/aktuator  Ball valve 3-piece flanged
02-063-002 2-delt gjenget kulev. AISI316 m/pneum. akt. Ball valve 
02-064-001 2-Delt kuleventil Stål m/metallsete Ball valve metal seated
02-065-001 Flenset kuleventil (Polert) m/pnum. aktuator  Flanged Ball Valve Polished
02-066-001 3-Delt kuleventil AISI316S m/aktuator Ball valve 3-piece AISI316
02-067-001 3-delt kuleventil Messing m/DA-aktuator three -piece ballvalve Brass with pnumatic actuator
02-068-001 3-delt kuleventil Messing m/ SR-aktuator tree-piece Ballvalve with single acting  actuator
02-069-001 3-delt kuleventil AISI316 fig.33 three-piece Ball valve
02-070-001 3-veis kuleventil m/klemender ISO 2852 three-piece ball valve ISO 2852
02-070-002 3-Veis kuleventil AISI304 m/gjenger three-piece ball valve
02-071-001 3-veis kuleventil AISI316 PN300 -
02-072-001 2-way High Pressure Ball valve 444066 2 Way  High pressure Ball Valves Fig.444066
02-073-000 Spjeldventiler  -
02-073-001 Spjeldventiler standard  Støpejern,Seigjern Butterfly valves
02-073-002 Spjeldventiler Lug-type Butterfly valves LUG
02-073-003 Spjeldventiler Installasjon  -
02-073-004 Spjeldventiler Bray Fig. 20/21
02-073-005 Viktige data for og bestille spjeldventil
02-080-001 Spjeldventiler metalltettende High Performance Butterfly High Performance
02-082-001 Spjeldventiler metalltettende  for røkgass Butterfly meatal seated
02-088-001 Spjeldventil AISI316 High Performance Fig.772992 Butterfly High Performance
02-089-001 Spjeldventiler i plastmateriale Butterfly Plastic
02-090-001 Spjeldventiler lined  Butterfly lined 
02-091-001 Spjeldventil LUG PN25 Butterfly valve LUG Pn25
02-095-001 Spjeldventil Bray Fig.20/21 SS AISI 316 Butterfly valve Bray Fig.20/21
02-096-001 Spjeldventil KC Butterfly valve KC
02-100-001 Tilbehør spjeldeventiler  -
02-101-001 Hurtiglukkeventiler (Quick Closing) Quick Closing Valves
02-107-001 Kontrollskap Hurtiglukkeventiler pneumatisk Control Cabinet Quick closing valves
02-109-000 Hydraulisk utløsere for Hurtiglukke  Release station for hydr.quick closing
02-109-001 Hydraulisk utløser single for Hurtiglukke  Single release unit hydr.quick closing
02-109-002 Hydraulisk utløser Cabinett for Hurtiglukke  Release Cabinet quick closing Hyd.
02-113-001 Sikkerhetsventiler  Safety valve
02-115-001 Sikkerhetsventil PN16-250 GGG.40.3 Safety valve Pn16-250
02-117-001 Sikkerhetsventil 1640A Safety valve 1640A
02-117-002 Sikkerhetsventiler Bailey standard safety valve bailey Birkett standard
02-117-003 Sikkerhetsventil Bailey 1643 Safety Valve Bailey 1643
02-119-001 Sikkerhetsventil serie 700  Safety valves standard 700
02-119-002 Sikkerhetsventil serie 706  Safety valve fig.706
02-119-003 Sikkerhetsventil serie 716  Safety valve fig.716
02-119-004 Sikkerhetsventil serie 746 Safety valve fig.746
02-121-001 Sikkerhetsventil G-618T Safety Valve
02-129-000 Trykk reduksjonsventiler Pressure reducing Valves
02-129-001 Reduksjonsventil Adca  Press.Red. Valve  Adca
02-130-001 Reduksjonsventiler Bailey  Press.Red. Valve  Bailey
02-130-002 Reduksjonsventiler Bailey G4 Press.Red. Valve  Bailey G4
02-134-001 Reduksjonsventil D22 Pressure Reducing Valve  D22
02-138-001 Reduksjonsventiler Perlwitz Pressure Reducing Valve  Perlwitz
02-139-001 Reduksjonsventil Cla-val Cla-Val press reducing valve
02-139-002 Reduksjonsventil Cla-Val fig. 90-01 Cla-val Press.reducing valve fig. 90-01
02-140-001 Reduksjonsventil D06 Press Reduction Valve D06
02-140-002 Reduksjonsventil fig.681  Press Reduction Valve 681
02-141-001 Reduksjonsventil D06 Press Reduction Valve D06
02-142-001 Reduksjonsventil Fig.315 Press Reduction valve fig.315
02-147-001 Gjenget skråseteventil  Angle seat globevalve 
02-148-001 Skråsete Seteventil m/Pnum Aktuator AISI 316 Angle seat globevalve Flanged AISI316
02-155-001 Reguleringsventiler Regulating Valves
02-155-002 Reguleringsventiler manuelle Regulating Valves manuell 
02-155-003 3-veis reguleringsventil m/Aktuator 3-piece regulating valve with actuator
02-165-000 Direktevirkende Termostatventiler Direct acting termostatic valves-
02-165-001 Direktevirkende Termostatventiler Clorius Direct acting termostatic valves Clorius
02-165-002 Clorius Quick view Clorious Quick View
02-165-002 Clorius Quick view Clorious Quick View
02-167-001 V4 Termostat v4 Termostat
02-185-001 AKO Termostadventiler AKO termostatic valves
02-186-001 Amot Termostadventiler Amot termostatic valves
02-196-001 PT100 tempraturføler PT100 sensor
02-198-000 Tilbakeslagsventiler Non-return valves
02-198-001 Tilbakeslagsventiler Non-return valves
02-198-004 Tilbakeslagsventiler Non-return valves
02-199-001 Tilbakeslagsventiler Flenset ikke stengbar Non-return valve 
02-200-001 Stengbar flenset N.R ventil Fig.456322NR Screw down flanged Non-return valve
02-201-001 Stengbar gj. NR ventil Fig.456022NR/456122NR Closable threaded non-return valve 456022
02-202-001 Stengbar gj. tilbakeslagsventil Stål fig. 108NR -
02-204-001 Tilbakeslagsvent. ikke stengbar RG5 fig. 470022 Non-return valves 470022
02-204-002 Tilbakeslagsvent. ikke stengbar RG5 fig. 470122 Non-return valves 470122
02-205-001 Skråsete N.R v. 316 ikke stengb Skråsete 471494 y-check valve 471494
02-206-001 Tilbakeslagsventil messing fig.80 Non-return Valve Brass
02-207-001 Tilbakeslagsventil type sprint  Non-return Valve
02-210-001 Tilbakeslagsventil type Fig. 305852 Swing Check Fig. 305852
02-113-000 Sikkerhet og reduksjonsventiler Safety and Press red. V.
02-214-001 Plate tilbakeslagsventil CVD  ND15-ND100 Non-return valve 
02-214-002 Plate tilbakeslagsventil CVD ND125-ND350 Non-return valve
02-223-001 Dual Plate Check Valve 315101 Non-return Valve
02-219-001 Klaff tilbakeslagsventil  Non-return Valve
02-229-000 Skyvespjeldventiler Knife Gate valves
02-230-002 Skyvespjeldventiler Stafsjø Fig. MV Knife Gate valve Stafsjø Fig. MV
02-230-003 Skyvespjeldventiler Stafsjø Fig. BV Knife Gate valve Stafsjø Fig. BV
02-230-004 Skyvespjeldventiler Stafsjø Fig. XV Knife Gate valve Stafsjø Fig. XV
02-232-001 Ventilkasser for skip  Valve chest's for ship
02-238-001 Ejektor Ejector
02-238-002 Ejektor Kapasitettabell Ejector
02-245-001 Brannventiler Fire Valves
02-247-000 Brannkobling Fire cuplings
02-247-001 Nor Brannkoblinger Fire cuplings NOR
02-248-001 Storz-c Brannkobling Fire kuplings Storz
02-249-001 Industri Blandebatteri  -
02-250-000 Strupeventiler Bypass -
02-250-001 Strupeventiler STA-D-F Bypass valves STA-D-F
02-252-001 Taco strupeventiler taco-setter taconova tacosetters flow bypass by-pass by pass Taconova Bypass valves
02-252-000 Taco Strupeventiler Taconova Bypass valves
02-264-001 Automatisk Lufteventil Hy-Vent -
02-265-001 Automatisk lufteventil Flexvent  -
02-268-000 Magnetventiler Solenoidvalves
02-268-001 Magnetventiler generellt -
02-269-001 Membran 2/2 veis magnetventil Diaphragm 2/2 solenoid
02-270-000 Membramventiler Diaphragm valve
02-270-001 Membramventiler Fig. KB Diaphragm valve Fig. KB
02-270-002 Membramventiler Fig. A Diaphragm valve Fig.A
02-272-001 Lufteventiler  Air vent Check valves
02-272-002 Lufteventiler Aero 1.1 Air vent check valves Aero 1.1
02-278-000 Nåleventiler og manometerventiler Needle valve
02-278-001 Nåleventil PN100 m/kontrollflens  Needle valve PN100
02-278-002 Manometerkran PN6 Needle valve PN100
02-279-001 Nåleventil PN100/PN400 Needle Valve PN400
02-280-001 Nåleventil PN400 (6000 psi) Fig. 600 Needle valve PN600
02-280-001 Nåleventil PN400 (6000 psi) Fig.600 målskisse Needle valve PN600
02-281-001 Water Trap Water Trap
02-285-000 JIS-Ventiler Jis Valves
02-291-000 JIS-Sluse Ventiler 10K Cast steel Jis Valves 10K
02-301-001 Blindflensventiler Blind Flange Valves
02-309-001 Delug Valves (Sprinkler) Deluge Valves
02-311-000 Vakumventil & Trykk/Vakumventilr meny Vacum valve
02-311-001 Trykk vakum ventiler Press vacum Valves (High velocity )
02-312-001 Vakumventil fig.113 Vacum valve
02-313-001 Vakumpotte VB21 Vacum valve
02-316-001 Flotørventiler Float valves
02-325-001 Vingepumper Sigma Sigma handpump
02-325-002 Vingepumpe Sigma K2 Sigma handpump K2
02-326-001 Fyllekappe DIN 86121 Sounding Cap DIN86121
02-331-001 Diverse tilbehør ventiler  -
02-331-002 Signal og temperatur-givere -
02-335-001 Lufteskrue messing Air Bleed screw
02-336-001 Ratt for ventiler Pressed steel handwheels for valves
02-336-002 Ratt for ventiler Pressed steel handwheels for valves
03-000-001 Dobbeltvirkende eller enkeltvirkende aktuator Dobbel acting actuators
03-000-002 Scotch yoke prinsippet Scotch yoke prinsip
03-000-003 Monteringsretning aktuatorer Mounting Actuators
03-000-004 Aktuatorer Actuators
03-000-005 Aktuatorer og fjernstyringer Actuators and remotecontrol
03-000-006 Aktuatorer Pneumatiske og Nødmanøver Actuators Pnumatic with emergecy manouver
03-001-001 Pneumatiske aktuatorer  Pneumatic actuators
03-003-001 Pneumatiske aktuatorer Pneumatic Actuators
03-006-001 Pneumatiske aktuatorer RC200  Pneumatic Actuators RC200
03-011-001 Pneumatiske aktuatorer RC200 DAM Pnumatic actuators RC200 DAM
03-011-002 Pneumatiske aktuatorer RC200 TUFRAM Pnumatic Actuators TUFRAM
03-027-001 Pneumatisk aktuator S90 Pneumatisk Actuators S90
03-045-000 Endebryterbokser Limit switches
03-046-001 Endebrytere Westlock 3045/2245 Limit switches 3045/2245
03-052-001 Induktive endebrytere Inductive Limit switches
03-053-001 Endebrytere Westlock 864 m/magnetventil -
03-052-002 ProxSensor på Spak  -
03-063-001 Magnetventiler for aktuatorer NAMUR Solenoid Valve NAMUR
03-063-002 Namur ansluttning Namur pattern
03-065-001 Styreskap for aktuatorer  Remote cabinet
03-066-001 Diverse tilbehør Magnetventiler -
03-066-002 DIN kontakter Solenoider Din Connectors Solenoids
03-081-001 Elektriske aktuatorer  Electric Actuators
03-093-001 Elektrisk aktuator P-Tork  -
03-093-002 Elektrisk aktuator P-Tork  Electric actuator P-tork
03-105-001 Hydrauliske aktuatorer Hydraulic Actuators
03-125-001 Positioner  Positioners
03-125-002 Positioner enkel basis P5 Positioner P5
03-125-003 Positioner enkel EP5 Positioner EP5
03-125-010 Luftkvalitet Positioner Airquality Positioner
03-130-001 Positioner Digital D3 Positioner D3
03-140-001 Kabelgjennomføringer og kabler  Bulkhead glands
04-000-000 Rørfleksibler  og kuplinger Pipe flexibles and Couplings
04-001-000 Flexibler og kompensatorer Flexibles and compensator
04-001-001 Gummikompensatorer Rubber joints
04-001-002 Gummikompensatorer Spacer ring Rubber joints spacer ring
04-008-001 Flenset gummikompensator T50 Flange Rubber joints T50
04-008-002 Flenset gummikompensator T55 Flange Rubber joints T53
04-008-003 Flenset, Gjenget Gummikompensator T49 Rubber joints T49
04-009-001 Gjenget gummikompensator  Rubber joints threads connection
04-022-001 Stålkompensatorer Steel compensators
04-026-001 Stålkompensator stål m/sveisestusser Steel compensator weldend
04-028-001 Stålkompensator stål m/faste flenser  Steel compensator flanged
04-030-001 Eksos stålkompensator m/løse flenser PN2,5 Steel compensator flanged
04-041-001 Stålslanger Steel Hoses
04-041-002 Flexible exhaust tubing Flexible Exhaust tubing
04-043-000 Rørkuplinger Straub Flex Grip Pipe cuplings Straub
04-050-000 Cam-lock hurtigkuplinger Cam-lock quick couplings
04-051-001 Laste og Lossekoblinger Hammer lug Unions
04-051-002 Dust Cap for 4" SUB-MALE Hammer lug Dust Cap
04-051-003 Lossekupling Tank kupling  Loading couplings
04-051-004 Female Sub 4" m/Blindlokk Hammer lug Female Sub
04-051-005 Todomatic Slangedel Todo couplings
04-051-006 Hammer Lug union Hammer lug union
04-058-001 TW couplings tank truck coupling
04-061-001 Break-Away couplings Break-Away couplings
04-071-001 Hansen hurtigkuplinger Hansen quick cuplings
05-001-000 Filter Siler og Nivå Filter, Strainers
05-001-001 Trykkfilter Pressure filters
05-001-002 Singelfilter OV Single cast iron filter OV
05-001-003 Dobbeltfilter OW Double cast Iron filter
05-001-004 Filter DPI_indikator  Pressure drop indicator
05-011-001 Basket Strainer Basket Strainer Cast Steel
05-012-001 Trykkfilter PN16/PN25 sveist utførelse E200 Strainer 
05-027-001 Mudbokser Mud box
05-027-001 Mudbokser / Grovfilter Rettløp Mud box
05-032-000 Strainers Strainers
05-032-001 Strainer Flanged AISI316 Fig. 483492/483491 PN16 Strainer Flanged AISI316  Fig. 483492/483491 PN16
05-034-001 Strainer Flanged RG5 Fig. 483422/483421 PN16 Strainer Flanged RG5 Fig. 483422/483421 PN16
05-035-001 Skråfilter Flenset RG5 Fig.483322 Strainer Flanged RG5 Fig. 483322 PN16
05-036-001 Flenset skråfilter støpejern Flanged strainer Cast Iron
05-037-001 Gjenget skråfilter fig.21 Strainer 
05-039-001 Gjenget skråfilter Bronse  fig.74A Strainer Bronze
05-042-001 Skråfilter AISI316 PN40  Strainer AIS316 PN40
05-043-000 Seglass  Sight- glas
05-043-001 Reserveglass for Seglass Spareglas Sightglas
05-043-002 Støpejern seglass fig.680 Sightglas Cast.Iron
05-044-001 Seglass m/Flow Indicator Fig.F Flow Indicator
05-045-001 Stål seglass PN16 Sight- glas Cast.Iron
05-045-002 Stål seglass PN16 Fig.881 Sight- glas Cast.Iron fig.881
05-046-001 Seglass Messing PN3,5 Sigth glas Brass
05-048-001 Støpejern gjenget seglass fig. 660 Sight-glas cast iron
05-048-002 Støpejern seglass med flap/Rotor Sight-glas cast iron Flap/Spinner
05-049-001 Trykkfilter PN16/PN25 sveist utførelse E200 Strainer 
05-050-001 Sveist trykkfilter  Pressure filters welded steel
05-051-001 Syrefast 'Bøttefilter' Flenset og gjenget  Filter
05-062-001 Level Gauge Fig.484422 PN16  Level Gauge Fig.484422
05-063-001 Seetru Nivå målere Seetru level
05-063-002 Seetru Seeflex  Seetru Seeflex level gauge
05-069-001 Væskestandsarmatur Fig.2000 Level gauge fig.2000
05-069-002 Væskestandsarmatur Fig.2010 Level gauge fig.2010
05-069-003 Underkrane Fig.2000  
05-069-004 Glass for væskestandsarmatur  Glas for levelgauge
05-069-005 Væskestandsarmatur Fig.2010- Kraner Valves Fig.2010
05-072-001 Weka Nivåmålere Levelgauge Weka
05-072-002 Weka Nivåmålere m/ventiler Levelgauge Weka W/valves
05-072-003 Weka Nivåmålere fig.3400A Levelgauge Weka type 3400A
05-072-004 Weka Nivåmålere Induktiv giver Levelgauge Weka type 3400A
05-072-005 Weka Nivåmålere AISI 316 valves Levelgauge Weka type 3400A
05-072-006 Weka Nivåmålere 3400 with Closing Valves  Levelgauge Weka type 3400A
05-072-007 Weka Nivåmålere 3400 with Closing  & Push Valves  Levelgauge Weka type 3400A
05-073-001 Oljestandsøyner  oil level glass , Bulls eye
05-074-001 Se-glass fig.121 Sight glas fig.121
05-075-001 Rørformet Se-glass fig.20  Tubular sigth-glas fig 20
05-076-001 Sirkulært Seglass for innsveising i tank Sight glas
05-082-000 Valves for Levelgauges , Pushbottom, Open , Closable Valves for Levelgauges , Pushbottom, Open , Closable
05-082-001 Open valve for Level controller fig 484822 Open valve for Level controller fig 484822
05-082-002 Drain tap for levelconroller 1/2" fig. 484722 Drain tap for levelconroller 1/2" fig. 484722
05-082-003 Self Closing Draintap for levelcontroller fig. 484622 Self Closing Draintap for levelcontroller fig. 484622
05-083-001 Spyle og sprededyser Nozzles
05-083-002 Spyledyser AN5 Spray Nozzle AN5
05-084-000 Flow & Mengdemåling Flow
05-085-000 Flow & Mengdemåling Flow
05-086-000 Flow & Mengdemåling Flow
05-087-000 Mengdemåling 881-RP Flow
05-089-000 Mengdemåler  DM100 Flow
05-090-000 Mengdemåler GPI Digital Turbinmåler Flow
05-091-000 Mengdemåler Macnaught M40Arm Flow
05-096-001 Flowmeter DKG Flowmeter DKG
05-094-000 Manometer Manometers
05-099-001 Vannutskillere Water separators
05-099-002 Vannutskillere Water separators
05-099-003 Vannutskillere Water separators
05-099-004 Vannutskillere G64G med manuell dren Water separators F64G with manual drain
05-100-001 Maskintermometer Industrial termometers
05-105-003 Filter 16-25 Bar with manual Drain Fig. 673-696 Filter 16-25 Bar with manual Drain Fig. 673-696
05-119-000 Tanker, Ekspansjonskar og trykktanker  Pressure tanks
05-119-001 Stål trykktanker  Steel pressure tanks 
05-119-002 Ekspansjonskar Expansion tanks
05-119-003 Plasttanker Plastic tanks
05-119-004 Akkumulatorer  accumulators
05-119-005 Trykk-kar Expansion tanks
05-119-006 Ekspansjonskar N_kar Expansion tanks
05-130-005 Pressostater Presostats
05-124-001 Oljerensing Presostats
05-125-001 Tank påfyllingslokk og filter Filler breathers for tanks
05-120-001 Kjølere Heat Exchangers
06-000-000 Damp  Steam 
06-000-001 Kondenspotter oversikt  Steam traps
06-028-001 Termostatisk kondenspotte TH Steam Trap 
06-028-002 Flotør kondenspotte FLT gjenget  Steam Trap 
06-028-003 Flotør kondenspotte FLT16 flenset Steam Trap
06-031-001 Termostatisk kondenspotte (Minibody) Steam Trap termostatic
06-047-001 Luftepotte sigjern  -
06-047-002 Luftepotte sigjern  -
06-047-002 Luftepotte Rustfritt  -
06-050-001 Manometersløyfe manometer loop
07-000-000 Diverse Produkter  -
07-000-001 Trykkluft  -
07-010-000 Slanger Hoses
07-010-001 Luft Slanger Air hoses
07-020-001 Slangeklemmer Hose Clamps
07-021-001 Plastpropper & Duppsko Plastic Plugs
07-021-002 Plastpropper & Duppsko Plastic Plugs
07-030-001 Spray-shields (Sprut sikring) spray-shields
07-035-001 Isolering av ventiler  valves isulating
07-037-001 Zinc Anoder (offer anoder) Zinc Anodes
07-040-001 Lynfittings og plastrør
07-045-001 Industritape Industrial tapes
07-046-001 Pipe Labelling (Flowcodes) Pipe Labeling

Absorbent Mats

Absorbent Mats

Rubber sheets

Rubber sheets

Rubber sheets VITON

Rubber sheets VITON



Glassfiber gitterister

GRP Grating of fiberglass


GRP Grating of fiberglass
08-000-000 Diverse tabeller oversikt Miscellaneous tables
08-000-001 Kalibrering av Instrumenter Calibrating of instrument
08-000-002 Konvertering av enheter  Converting tables
08-000-003 Beregning av rørdimensjoner Nomogram Calculating pipe dim.
08-000-004 Grunnserier Byggemål ventiler Tabell  -
08-000-005 Decimal & Metric Equvialents of fractions Decimal & Metric
08-000-006 Volume measurement -
08-000-007 Metric System  Metric system
08-000-008 Trykk omregning Pressure Convertion
08-000-009 Kobberør dimensjoner og arbeidstrykk Copper tubes
08-000-010 Filtersiler perforering  Filter basket perforation
08-000-011 Valve Standards Valves standards
08-000-012 IP klasser  IP classes
08-000-013 Lengdeutvidelse -
08-000-014 Flow omregning  -
08-000-015 Damptabell  -
08-000-016 Trykkbenevnelser  ASME,ASTM -
08-000-000 Diverse Kalkulatorer Calculator 
08-000-001 Volum/Trykk/Lengde/Temp -
08-000-002 Volum -
08-000-003 Kalkulator for trykkomregninger  -
08-000-004 Kalkulator Norsk/amerikanske enheter -
09-000-001 Plimsoll Plimsoll
09-000-002 What is the Difference Between Pipe and Tube? Pipe/Tube??
09-000-003 Spole magnetventil (Solenoid) Solenoid
09-000-004 Plastmaterialer Hva er ....? Plasticmaterial ?
09-000-005 Y-Strainer or Basket Strainer? -Y-strainer/Basket ??
09-000-006 How to Select a Pressure Relief Valve -
09-000-007 Vacuum Service Vacum Service
09-000-008 Messingens egenskaper Brass 
09-000-009 Ventiler ord,utrykk og benevnelser Engelsk 1 -
09-000-010 - -
09-000-011 Ex-sikring -
09-000-012 CE Marking -
09-000-013 Moment , Hva er det ?? -
09-000-014 CE marking_2 -
09-000-015 PLS, Hva er PLS ? PLC
09-000-017 Ex-barrier -
id referance idtabell tabell idref referance ref Ålesund aalesund Alesund


alesund armatur as Ålesund Armatur AS
Armatur Cunipress Mapress  valves ekspansjonsbelger wilbrandt T-53 rubber-joint klammer
Spherical dished ends blindflange valve seut AISI316 AISI 316 DIN86111 86111
2042 2043 2044 2045 2046 bailey press reducing valve CuNi10Fe1 CuZn20Al2 legering
steam steamtrap Ålesund ålesund aalesund alesund aalarm ålarm Norge norway ventiler norge
Tor Gausdal Jan Hepsøe armatur Amot termostatic valves Nikkepumpe globeventiler skipsventiler
berluto gemu gemy Ako termostatic ari armaturen ariventiler ventilleverandør nivåglass oljefilter
dobbeltfilter malleable fittings  oblique valve Ålesund skipshandel ålesund skipservice ålesund
Ålesund Havn service KC-valve  bailey 707, metal-seated butterflyvalve Grovfilter rettløp
Grovfilter vinkel LK 482051 LK482051 Mudbox straight pattern  Mudbox angel pattern Dual filter airpel
MESON AB Airpel OW Airpel OV Albert RICHTER
spjeldventiler butterflyventiler bytterflyvalve butterfly-valve
ventiler skipsventiler bordeventiler seawater valves inletvalve stopvalve