Spray Shields 


Spray shields : Your solution fro creating a safer plant enviroment 

Spray Shields are designed to protect plant personnel and equipment by deflecting 
and temporarily containing sprayouts of aggressive products. (i.e. acids, bases, solvents, etc.).

Proper implementation of this type of system helps to create ever safer working 
environments and saves money by avoiding plant damage.

Spray Shields are recommended for piping lines of all types and in particular for T
eflonŽ and Glass-lined systems.
Spray Shields are available in TeflonŽ, stainless steel and other materials, depending 
on applications.
Applicazioni Tecniche specializes in the custom realization of shield systems for 
plants on a project by project basis. Our team of technicians is ready to realize 
Spray Shields
for all kinds of non-standard applications; from abnormal flange sizes 
to non-standard flange configurations.

teflon spray shield

Fabric Shields

Our fabric shields are manufactured from clear TeflonŽ for easy visibility or single and 
multilayered colored TeflonŽ coated glass cloth with a leak indicating patch.

The sensitive leak indicating patch immediately signals a leak and changes color to 
red in the presence of an acid or green if an alkali. The leak indicating patch is replaceable 
which allows reuse of the shields.

Fabric Shields are UV stabilized and resistant to sun, rain and fumes and may be 
used indoors or outdoors

valve and flange shield
Model Description
Standard Our most popular and best selling shield.
3-ply multilayered reinforced construction.
Laboratory test proven.
Premium TeflonŽ TeflonŽ coated glass cloth.
Maximum operating temperature 233°C.
Fire and tear resistant.
Broad spectrum of chemical resistance
Clear TeflonŽ Similar in design to standard TeflonŽ - clear strip in centre of shield allows for visual inspection
valve shield
Fabric Shield Installation

Velcro straps and fiberglass cords make the installation of Spray Shields quick and easy for maintenance personnel.

Fabric shields are commonly used for:

bulletChemical Process Industry
bulletPetrochemical Process Industry
bulletPharmaceutical Process Industry
bulletSemiconductor and Electronics Industry
bulletFood and Beverage processing

Stainless Steel Shields

Used for high temperature, high pressure or when conditions are unfavorable for cloth shields.

bulletSlotted overlapped edges prevent lateral spray -outs.
bulletSpacer rods raise shields off flange to dissipate pressure.
bulletStainless steel screw and keyway slot make installation simple.
bulletStainless steel hose clamp closures optional.
bulletAvailable with anti-mist screen to help eliminate aereosol effect.
bulletAvailable for all standard flange sizes.
bulletCustomized sizes available
Model Description
Stainless Recommended for corrosive and hazardous enviroments.
Available in 304 and 316 grade stainless.
Maximum operation temperature 1100°C.
Galvanized steel Recommended for oil, water and steam applications only.
Maximum operating temperature 430°C.
Stainless Steel Shields Installation

Can be easly hand fitted with just a standard
screwdriver for strong and secure installation.

Stainless Steel shields are commonly used for:

bulletSteel Industry
bulletHot Oil

Drain system

Made from 100% PTFE or Stainless Steel, these drain tubes can 
provide safe removal of leaked fluids.

Drains are also excellent for:

bulletSecondary containment
bulletEmissions testing
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