Lufteventiler / Vent check valves 02-272-001
Aero 1 Vent Check Valves, are valves allowing tanks to breath during filling, draining and volume variations caused by thermal changes. The valves also prevent the ingress of seawater on service tanks carrying ballast, fuel, lub.oil and drinking water. The automatic mechanism in all Aero valves is a flat float, covered by ABS/PE plastic, working with a soft Neoprene lip-packing.

Under normal operating conditions the float is resting on a float support. The vent is open, allowing free flow of air into and out of the tank. If the valve is submerged in water, the float will, through its buoyancy, ascent upto the seat, thereby closing the valve and preventing water from flowing into the tank. The valve is also equipped with side covers, preventing direct access, to the vent opening, for 'flying' water. The valve can be equipped with an insect screen or a flame arresting screen which will prevent the penetration of sparks and other contaminants to the tank


 Lufteventil Aero  02.272.001