K2 pumper (Sigma vingepumpe)


Double Acting Semi-Rotary Hand Wing Pumps
The simple and robust design, quality of materials and workmanship quarantee long and effective service.

These pumps are suitable for handling of clear and light liquids as water, petrol, diesel and all fuels, paraffin, alcohol, light chemical solution, edible oils etc. and are the only hand pumps safe for use with very hot liquids up to 80 C (176F)

1. Casing
2. Cover
3. Gland Nut
4. Wing Piston with Flaps & Shaft
5. Suction Divider with flaps
6. Handle
7.Gland Packing
8..Gland Ring
9. Shaft Nut
10. Washer
11. Counter flange
12. Flange Bolt & Nut
13. Cover Bolt & Nut
14. Flange Joint
bulletThe handle moves back and forth in a 110 degree arc, which in turn causes the wing piston with flaps (4) to semi-rotate within the body.
bulletThe suction divider with flaps (5) operates as the inlet check valve.
bulletThe unit discharges fluid on both strokes of the handle.
bulletIt must be bolted to a strong vertical surface with the letters "ISH" at the top - two mounting lugs are provided.
bulletThe handle can be installed either pointing up, down, left or right.
D - 170 mm a - 145 mm 
b - 60 mm  i - 10 mm
k - 170 mm v - 230 mm
l - 200 mm  o - 13 mm
p - 360 mm  u - 30 mm
c - 75 mm d - 9.5 mm


bulletWeight: 8 kg (18 lbs.)
bulletCapacity: 5 G.P.M (22.5 L.P.M.) at 55 double strokes per minute
bulletPlumbing Connection: 1" female pipe thread
bulletMaximum Discharge Pressure: 37.5 P.S.I.
bulletMaximum Discharge Height: 25 m (82 ft.)
bulletMaximum Suction Lift: 7 m (22 ft.)