Small Company Profile


The company Ålesund Armatur AS was founded in 1992 with major intention as an trading firm/whole sellers, stocking the most common items for the landbased and ship industry

Our product range are therefore wide, and spreads out from tubes in unequal  alloys to manual and remote- controlled valves in a wide range

The company employs today 5 people.

Our customers today are the ship and landbased industry in our country, but our supplyes however, spreads out also in europe as well as world wide.

Our main purpose are to project as an efficient and highly service minded supplyer to our customers.

With singleness of purpose we therefore with high intensity all the time searching for the very best supplyers for products to supplying and complete our stock and delivery program.

The company Ålesund Armatur AS, therefore project itselfs today as an company with an very hight grade of service, technology and an efficient supplyer against the industry.

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