Pneumatiske aktuatorer Bray S90/91


The Bray space-saving modular product line is completely enclosed and self contained. The many features of the engineered design minimize maintenance and provide safe, simple disassembly and assembly. The INTEGRAL PORTING (A) reduces the cost of external tubing that is also easily damaged. Offered for the first time to the industry are the unique, lubricated ACETAL PISTON GUIDES (B) and RINGS (C). The acetal piston guides and rings have a very low coefficient of friction and absorb the side thrusts of the pistons. In addition, the piston cylinder walls in the body are honed to a very fine finish thus reducing the overall coefficient of friction. These features extend the life of the actuator and make the Series 90/91 one of the most efficient actua-tors on the market. The OUTPUT SHAFT BEARINGS (D) on the top and bottom of the pinion are made of low-friction acetal. The OUTPUT SHAFT and PINION  GEAR (E) are one-piece, manufactured from hardened alloy steel and zinc-plated for corrosion protection. The SHAFT POSITION INDICATOR (F) clearly shows open or closed position and is easily removable for MANUAL OVERRIDE FUNCTION of the actuator when required. The BODY (G) is extruded aluminum with anodized corrosion protective coating. The END CAPS (H) are epoxy coated for chemical resistance. The coating is generally resistant to dilute aqueous acids, salts, aliphatic hydrocar-bons, detergents, petroleum solvents, alcohols, greases and oils.  The TRAVEL STOP (I) adjusting screws limit the travel of the actuator to specific degrees of rotation. The PISTONS (J) are die-cast aluminum. The two PNEUMATIC SUPPLY PORTS (K) are 1/8" NPT ports. NAMUR interface is available on all actuator sizes. All Bray Series 90/91 actuators have permanently lubricated factory packed bearings and guides. No further lubrication is necessary under normal operating conditions. All seals, Including PISTON SEALS (L), are permanently lubricated Buna-N O-rings. 
SPRING RETURN Bray's Series 91 spring return models employ a unique cartridges offer our customers safety, simplicity and reduced space requirements. The unit's primary design advantages are: 1) The actuator was designed to save both space and cost. The housing length of the spring return unit is the same as the double acting unit. Converting from double acting to spring return actuation is just a mat-ter of removing the end caps and adding the unique spring cartridges. 2) The spring cartridges provide for complete safety of handling. The actuator can be disassembled and assembled without cumbersome equipment or danger to the installer due to springs releasing. 3) The standard spring cartridge system is available for 40, 60, 80 and 100 psi services. For other psi requirements, consult factory. 
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