Luftkvalitet for Positioner


Maximum supply pressure is 1 MPa (150 psi).
Supply air shall be clean, dry and free from oil, water, moisture, foreign parts and debris.
The air shall be freeze-dried or similar to a dew point of at least 10C (18F) below lowest expected ambient temperature.
A <40 filter/regulator is recommended to be installed as close to P5/EP5 as possible to ensure proper supply air quality.
Before making pneumatic connections to the positioner, it is recommended that the supply air lines are opened up and allowed to vent for 2-3 minutes to clear anydebris from the line. 
It is further recommended that a large paper bag is used to collect any oil or humidity that may be present in the line during this purging,direct the air flow into the bag. 
Should exessive amounts of oil and/or humiditybe present at this stage, a review of the pneumatic system should be carried outand the problem corrected.

Poor air quality is one of the major causes of premature failure of pneumatic equipment.

"03-125-010" uren-luft smuss luft kvalitet