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Our product range are wide and carefully adapted to the Industry

Below links will direct you into these products and hopefully give you some useful information

(1)    Pipe, flanges, Elbows, Reducers in unlike materiales and dimensions
(2)    Valves in all executions and functions
(3)    Actuators and remotecontrol of valves w/ accessories
(4)    Expansion joints, Couplings, Flow , Pressure , volume and Temp.
(5)    Filters, Strainers, Sight glas and Levelgauges

(6)    Steam

(7)    Various products  
(8)    Tables and calculators
(9)    Various text and articles , phrases
(10)  Alfabetical  productlist 
(11)  Free search on website
(12)  ID ref tables with Index's Website
(13)  Special produced products
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