Weka Nivåmålere 05-072-001
Single-pole (Magnet) System
The WEKA Magnetic Level Indicator operating principle is based on the use of a permanent bar magnet system which ensures the safe and reliable activation of visual indication elements (flags), switches and transmitters, even when used on thick-wall high-pressure indicator pipe.

Magnetic Guide Tape (patented)
The patented magnetic guide tape is integrated within the indicator rail to ensure the float bar magnet is always aligned like a compass needle to the polarized flags and switches. This ensures continuous reliability of the indicating, switching and transmitter control functions.

Temperature Stability
The magnetic materials used in the WEKA System have been selected for optimum performance even at extreme temperatures. Years of experience have proven our preconditioning of components ensures negligible degradation of magnetic flux, thus providing the same reliable service decades later.

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