Westlock 3045/2245


BEACONTM An impact and corrosion resistant valve position monitor capable of displaying exact valve position from any quadrant at distances of up to 
150 feet. Start-up
and operating personnel avoid being placed in physically awkward or dangerous situations while attempting to ascertain valve position

PROXIMITY OR  MECHANICAL SENSORS Switch requirements will  differ with operating conditions in the industrial environment. Mechanical switches are less expensive and possess the highest current rating. Proximity sensors, encapsulated and hermetically sealed against explosive gases and liquids, provide maximum moisture and corrosion resistance. The reed type proximity sensor eliminates contact bounce while being totally compatible

TOUCHSETTM  CAMS Cams, secured by set screws, continually lose calibration due to vibration inherent in all pipelines. Self-locking TouchsetTM  cams are fastened to a splined shaft and can be set by hand in seconds. Since there are no set screws, the cams will never slip out of adjustment.   . TERMINAL BLOCK The Eliminator®  features an elevated prewired terminal block with two additional points for solenoid valve