Weka LevelGauge 05-072-002

The Weka levelgauges could be delivered in tree combinations.

1) Complete with 1/2" Ballvalves
2) Complete with pushbottomvalve, closablevalve or Open valves
3) Singel Levelgauge with 1/2 threads top bottom, for own connection


Weka Fig.34000-A with mountet 1/2" BSP BallValves for direct mounting to tank

The measure L could be chosen free
When ordering Levegauge it is important
to give the measure C/C distance between center of   the tank sockets  or the L measure,  the total length of levergauge

For readable area see  :

Weka Nivåmålere Smart line 50 fig.3400A


Induktive givere m/Reedkontakt

With AISI 316 valves


Weka levelgauge delivered with push-bottom, open og closable valves

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weka level nivå nivåmålere tankmåler