Installation of Bray Butterflyvalve 02-073-003
INSTALLATION Position the disc in the partially open position, maintaining the disc within body face-to-face. Place the body between flanges and install flange bolts. Do not use flange gaskets. Before tightening flange bolts, carefully open the disc to the full open position to ensure proper alignment and clearance of the disc O.D. with the adjacent pipe I.D. Leave disc in the full open position and tighten flange bolts per required specification. Once bolts are tightened, carefully rotate disc to closed position to ensure disc O.D. clearance.


 MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR The many Bray features minimize wear and maintenance requirements. No routine lubrication is required. All components-stem, disc, seat, bushing, stem seal, etc., are field replaceable, no adjustment is needed. If components require replacement, remove the valve from the line by placing the disc near the closed position, spread the flanges, support the valve, then remove the flange bolts. No valve maintenance, including removal of manual or power actuators, should be performed until the piping system is completely 

Ventil i 'partially' pen posisjon 

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