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Conex Compression Product Range
Conex Compression fittings are especially advantageous in retrofit plumbing schemes, where space is confined and/or the use of heat must be avoided. They are available in 6-108mm and are suitable for connecting tubes in accordance with EN 1057 and many other standards including ISO 274.

Conex unique ribbed capnuts are supplied in 15-28mm. Sizes 6-12 and 35-54mm are supplied with octagonal capnuts. Fittings in 66.7-108mm incorporate loose compression plates, where tightening is through six 3/8" BSW nuts and allthreads. PTFE tape is not required for the installation process.

Conex Compression fittings are available in duplex brass and/or dezincification resistant (DZR) brass or as dezincification immune gunmetal. Fittings are also available nickel-plated or chrome plated in accordance with EN 248.

Conex Compression fittings are suitable for connecting a wide range of tubes including copper tubes in accordance with EN 1057 and many other standards including ISO 274. Fittings are also compatible with connecting low carbon steel, stainless steel and many types of plastic pipe including crossed linked polyethylene (PE-X) and polybutylene (PB) with size compatible outside diameters.


Conex Compression

Tools required:
Tube cutter, deburring tool, 2 flat-faced spanners.


Turn off the water supply.
Place a suitable receptacle under the joint to be dismounted.
With suitable flat-faced spanners, undo the joint.
Slide the capnut back from the captive compression ring.
Pull the tube from the fitting socket, ensuring any excess water
   is collected in the receptacle.

Ensure the tube and fitting sizes are compatible.
  Cut the tube end square, and ensure it retains its shape.
Deburr the inside, and out of the tube.
Remove the capnut and compression ring from the fitting.
Slide the capnut, and compression ring onto the tube.
Join the fitting onto the tube end, and slide the compression ring, and capnut  
  towards the fitting.
Hand tighten the capnut.
With suitable flat-faced spanners, tighten the joint to the

recommended minimum number of turns.

If necessary, tighten by another 1/2 of a turn.


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