Termostatventiler Amot 



AMOT Model C Thermostatic Valves 
are available in a wide selection of sizes 
and settings to fill a multitude of 
fluidtemperature control requirements. 
They utilize the provenexpanding wax 
principle to actuate the 3-way temperature 
element assemblies. Sturdy housings of 
cast iron, aluminum, bronze, or steel fit 
almost any applications or pressure rating. Because some fluids such as synthetic lubricants are not compatible with copper or brass, AMOT element assemblies are available with nickel plating. The available Model CM, CL, CF and CCM valves may be used for diverting or mixing service. They are ideal for blending two streams of differing temperatures to a desired temperature. They make very economical temperature limiting valves to prevent scalding in home, motel or hotel hot water supply systems. Radiant heating systems can use these valves in limiting water temperature to prevent surface cracking and over-heating of plastic piping. Other applications include electronic and battery cooling circuits, pump temperature relief valves, etc. When used as mixing valves or hot water temperature limiters, the differential pressure between C and B ports must not exceed 20 psi. When used in "Water Saver" applications pressure in at A must not exceed that at C or B ports by more than 75 psi.


Amot C-valve

BR type valves are fitted with a variable manual override
which allows a progressive opening of port A to C.
Manual override is often a requirement for Marine
Function. In automatic mode the valve will control the
temperature automatically, but turning the adjusting nut
on top of the operator clockwise will cause the element
to move toward its hot (extended) position, regardless of
temperature. There is a position indicator on each
manual override which shows the element position
during manual operation. Each element assembly has its
own Manual Override.
Manual Override should only be used in case of an emergency

Amot BR type
aamot amot termostatic valves